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How Does the Future of Medical Cannabis Looks Like

How Does the Future of Medical Cannabis Looks Like

While the year 2020 is certainly the one that humanity will try to forget as soon as the pandemic is over, it hasn’t been that bad regarding CBD and its products or medical cannabis in general. As a matter of fact, Mississippi and South Dakota have just approved a measure to regulate medical cannabis.

The future looks bright, so let’s see what exactly we can expect in the year ahead of us, at least when medical cannabis is concerned.

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More States Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Situations such as the incident of a little girl suing the state of Texas for not allowing her (and the rest of the state’s patients in need) to treat her condition with medical cannabis will hopefully never happen again. We’ve just mentioned the above two states and their praise-worthy move, which brings us to the total of 36 states plus Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands that gave medical cannabis the green light.

Rumor has it voting on the legalization on the federal level may happen this December. While it seems far-fetched that cannabis will be legalized by the end of the year, this is just another clue that we can rightfully expect more states to approve of medical cannabis soon enough.

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More Extensive Research

Since cannabis is still proclaimed as a Schedule 1 substance, and by that more defined more dangerous than cocaine, it is not that easy to get the approval for medical cannabis research, regardless of the potential. However, universities in states where cannabis is legalized certainly have an easier approval process and are doing all they can to explore its benefits.

What is more, cannabis courses continue to pop up in universities’ curriculum, so we are going to have more young scientists able to dedicate themselves to the research fully.

Easier Online Approval

If there is one thing the Covid19 pandemic has taught us, that is that there are a plethora of things we can do online, such as getting approved for a medical cannabis card.

What is more, the demand is so high that there is a new type of website on the market — medical cannabis card approval websites. For a certain price, you are guaranteed a hassle-free process and getting your medical card in 15 minutes or less.

When medical cannabis becomes legalized in more states, there will certainly be a surge of such requests, and the internet entrepreneurs will surely jump at the opportunity.

More Conditions Will Be Approved

Last but not least, we come to perhaps the most important prediction. In the end, this is what it’s all about. Namely, medical cannabis can be legalized in a state, but it also comes with a series of limitations.

While cannabis can be an excellent aid for a variety of illnesses or conditions, usually it is only the most dangerous or rare ones that can get one a medical card. A lot depends on each particular state. For instance, some states such as North Dakota clearly list migraines as medical cannabis treatable condition. Others, however, approve of cannabis for chronic pains, but it is up to the physician to say the final word whether or not it can be used in the case of head-splitting migraines.

Taking everything into consideration, the list of conditions and diseases should alter for the best.


Based on several indicators, the US is becoming more open to cannabis and its healing powers. Hence, we should see more positive changes coming our way when it comes to medical cannabis in 2021.

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