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Cannabis Seeds: Huge But Still Hidden Part Of The Industry

Cannabis Seeds: Huge But Still Hidden Part Of The Industry

The global cannabis industry is really taking off lately. Regulatory environments in many U.S. states, and even entire countries, are now moving forward with the legalization issue at breakneck speed. In addition, they’re also helping to create more cannabis investment opportunities.

Next Gold Rush

The cannabis industry has been called “the next gold rush.” What this means is that there are legitimate entrepreneurial opportunities available for everybody. It also indicates that there is a major investment market developing. On the other hand, mainstream cannabis will soon become commoditized, i.e. just like many other industries. This will open up numerous additional opportunities, such as medical R&D, producing some derivative products that could become runaway hits.

Mainstream Stocks

Cannabis stocks are now mainstream with some soaring to new heights on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Like all hot new rising sectors, the cannabis industry could cause some initial confusion for potential investors. However, the future of cannabis stocks can include beauty and healthcare, cannabis pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, as well as sleep and pain control. It’s also likely that some other sub-sectors will be thriving in the global cannabis market.

Risky but Rewarding

Essentially, investing in cannabis stock has meant an investment in some non-public privately held companies with a strong focus on start-ups. This can be the riskiest segment of the market but it also has the potential for being the most rewarding. It’s a place for discovery, research, and innovation, research to continue finding more new uses for a substance that was actually illegal for the past 100 years. This means that it’s a time that’s ripe for entrepreneurship, investment, and serious profits.

Big Pharma et al

Even the Big Beverage, Big Pharma, and Big Tobacco boys aren’t able to hide their increasing interest in this massive business. However, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that there’s room for everybody and it also doesn’t mean that cannabis stock prices will be going any higher from where they’re currently trading. But, what about cannabis seeds? Although cannabis stocks are trending right now, there’s a hidden segment of that field that has been going almost completely unnoticed.

No Cannabis Seed Stock Available

Basically, there just isn’t any cannabis seed stock available to invest in yet in spite of the fact that the entire cannabis industry is really booming. The cannabis seed industry itself is actually massive, however, nobody knows the exact numbers related to it because they’re private businesses that don’t report their sales to anyone. There may be numerous seed banks online but they aren’t very large and they just seem to come and go. In fact, the majority of their clients are derived from organic Google searches.

That’s not the only reason for their coming and going and the lack of any kind of presence on Wall Street. The other one is the fact that cannabis seeds can’t really be trademarked. In addition, none of them has become really established enough to rate a major move toward the stock market. The fact is that anybody can start a cannabis seed business and make it thrive.

Low Entrance Barrier

All you need to do is start by building a good-looking website, purchasing some cannabis seeds in bulk, and starting your very own seed bank. In fact, the entrance barrier into the cannabis seed business is exceptionally low. In addition, you could start breeding your own cannabis strains. After all, there are probably as many as thousands of them out there. That’s why where you buy is virtually more important than what you buy.

Another Gold Rush

Could cannabis seeds be the even newer gold rush? If you’ve been investing in the cannabis industry for a couple of years now, there’s a good possibility that you’ve been making some money. A number of cannabis stocks have been growing in price over the past three years. The bottom line is that timing is critical. So, now could very well be the time for savvy entrepreneurs and investors to get in on the ground floor with cannabis seed stocks.

Key to Success

As you can see, there are a number of good reasons to invest in cannabis seed stock or even start your own cannabis seed business. The key to success is a good supplier of high-quality seeds to get you started and an attractive website.

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